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The fifth “healthy cup” basketball league matches closed successfully Edit Date:2010/12/20

      It was clear and crisp in November in Guanghzou. Both streets were decorated with all kinds of flowers and fluttering colored flags and a joyous and peaceful scene of the Asian Games could be seen all around Guangzhou. When people acclaimed for the 16th Asian Games with full enthusiasm, the 5th Body-building Cup basketball game of our company was also in full wing.

      On November 20th, the 2010 Body-building Cup basketball game started with a kickoff by Mr. Chen, our general manager and the secretary of the Party committee. The basketball game had been held for five years with substantial support from the company and labor union leaders. Each year the basketball game enriched the employees’ cultural life, not only providing them a better leisure-time activity but also building a platform for those basketball fans. The employees got an opportunity to show their basketball skills and build up their bodies so that they could pay more enthusiasm in the work. Therefore, great majority of the employees took actively part in the game. The participative team increased to 6 teams for the original 4 teams and they were administrative department and five design departments.

       The 5th game was a round robin with standings, divided into A-teams and B-teams from which the respective first two teams could go to the final to fight for the champion. The first game was the administrative department against the defending champion, the 1st design department. Although the administrative department was a fresh and much weaker, they had no fear facing the defending champion, the 1st design department. They were all very brave and in full vigour. Their wonderful performance won the audience’s cheering and the atmosphere at the scene was very active. As the time passed by, the score gradually pulled open and finally the e administrative department lost the fame with a score of 31:55.

        Eventually, it came to the most noticeable final day after three rounds of group game. In the morning of December 18th, even the low temperature could not decrease the employees’ high enthusiasm. Firstly, it was the 3rd design department and the 4th design department fighting for the 3rd and the 4th prize. The match between the teams was a close one but both cheerleaders had faith in their own team. However, the 3rd the 3rd design department fell far behind the 4th design department with the score of 2:12, which was out of everyone’s expectation. But the 3rd design department adjusted in time and tied the score to 18:18 at the end of first half. After break, the second half started and the 3rd design department continued to perform well as in the first half and once then went 5 scores ahead. When there was no much time left in the second half, everyone thought that the 3rd design department would win the game. But also out of expectation, the 4th design department suddenly counterattacked and got a series of scoring, and at last they beat the 3rd design department and won the 3rd prize. It was their best achievement in the Body-building Cup and they showed a suspensive game at the same time.

       Secondly, it was the most attractive final game that the defending champion, the 1st design department, and the 5th design department. Since most of the players of the 1st design department were out in business, there were only a few players taking part in the game. As the game began, both teams tried their best to score. Due to the huge strength disparity, quickly the 5th design department took the lead and at that time everyone knew who would win. Even so, 1st design department did not lose the will while the 5th design department never let down guard, which was the unique game in the history of the Body-building Cup. In the second half, Master Lin Qiang from the 5th design department came to play. When he tried to shoot behind the arc, all the audience called out “don’t stop him, let him shoot”. Then everyone stayed quietly and waited for his shooting. It was known that Master Lin Qiang never let people down. The same situation happened to Shi Haisong from 1st design department when he got the ball and he also showed the audience what they expected. Everyone was delighted and it seemed that it was not a game but a happy gathering, which was exactly in line with the original intention of the Body-building Cup. 

      The final game ended in a great happy atmosphere and the 5th design department finally won their dreaming champion. During the breaks, there were others games, such as rope skipping and shuttlecock kicking, and Xu Wan and Zhang Ke separately won the prizes. The administrative department, the 1ST design department, the 3rd design department and the 4th design department separately won the daily best cheerleaders award.

      At last, our vice-general managers Mr. Zhang and Mr. Xu presented the cup and prize money to the winners. The one-month lasting game had finally ended in a nervous and furious but also harmonious and pleasant atmosphere. In the game, each team gave full play to their sportsmanship and level. They all follow the purpose of “friendship first. competition second" and all were immersed in the game. No matter they were stronger team or much weaker team; they all tried their best to fight and never go away and stick to finish the game at their best. The games were really wonderful and fully embodied the employees’ spirit of “never admit defeat and step forward”, and at the same time the departments had more communication which enhanced the company's cohesion.