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Step in the Asian Games, Step in Guangzhou, GDE employees participate in the Asian Games welcome Experience Edit Date:2010/01/26

      2010, the 16th Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou. Every heart tied in Guangzhou is highly expected that.
Our company party communist and Youth League in response to the call of the government actively carried out activities to meet the Asian Games with full enthusiasm. On January 15th, a game was organized to learn Guangzhou history, promote Guangzhou culture and celebrate the Asian Games as the theme. With the opportunity of the Asian Games, the company's league members and youth workers involved in the first large-scale activities after the reorganization of the company Communist Youth League's. The youth members will pursue the footprints of glory and feel the revolutionary historical sites in Guangzhou, historical stories, humanities, cultural and fashion style, triggering the first passion of the Asian Games!

     At 1:30 pm, all the participators gathered at the front of the company. The company arranged two leading party members to take part in the event. They ignited the fireworks to celebrate. After Party office director made a brief mobilization and the company secretary of the Communist Youth League gave the order, the activity officially began. 
     The First part is called "left is king," a non-question Q & A session. Lastly, a colleague returned by captured the Flag.  
     Following, the scheme-city adventure game began. Our colleagues were divided to several groups and search the targets by maps and mission books within limit time. Every one takes the advantage of familiar to decide the best routine. But the targets spread in the whole city so that it is hard to find every one during the game. Finally, one team with two persons won the champion with complete correctness.

Lastly, the game was ended by a large photograph with the Sculpture of the Five Rams as a successful conclusion

     We believe that the sixteenth Asia games will be a passion and motive game with the help of the” Welcome Asian Games, stress city civilization, establish new trend, promote harmony” civil campaign.