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The 2nd GDE Production Conference of 2017 Was Held Edit Date:2017/10/20

       In the afternoon on 17th Oct, 2017, the 2nd GDE Production Conference of 2017 was held with company leaders and person in charge for each department participating.
       General Manager Zhang concluded the operation status of each design department regarding production in the former stage and then made arrangement for the incoming work. He also appointed person in charge for safety duty during the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
       Directors of BIM center and each design department reported their work regarding Team Formation, Industry Development and Risk Management in the meeting.
       In the meeting, each productive department was required to forge ahead, to speed up the construction of BIM technical platform, to enhance the communication between BIM center and productive department; to build up a powerful productive team with high quality and good order; to improve the competitive ability in rising industry and relieve the falling in traditional industry; to diversify process engineer; and to ensure safety production with sufficient awareness of risk and crisis.