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2019 Working Conference of GDE Edit Date:2019/01/21

       From 3rd to 4th Jan, 2019, 2019 Working Conference of GDE was held with participation of company leaders and department directors. The working result in 2018 was concluded in the conference and by analyzing internal management of company and current industrial circumstance working plan in 2019 was arranged.
       General manager Zhang Qing reported operation circumstance of each engineering design department and operation goal of 2019. He also analyzed the advantage and shortage of each department during development and encouraged them to catch opportunities and get rid of risks. Afterwards he signed liability statement of performance assessment in 2019 with each department.
       Each deputy general manager concluded his own working in 2018 and presented his expectation of New Year.
       Directors of each productive department, in an order, made speech with theme “How to catch opportunity and get rid of risk”.
       Each deputy chief engineer made speech in two aspects:1.Prospect and direction of specialties in charge;2.Conclusion of main issues of various specialties.
       Finally, Chairman Chen concluded this conference. He mentioned that the past achievements belonged to all GDE staffs and the next essential point was to understand ourselves, to consider the where the company competitive and life power is, to be brave to process self-update and self-refinement, and to try to realize change of the industry and standardize internal behavior and measurement. At the meantime, he hoped all personnel of company to unite together, to reposition themselves, to obtain greater achievement with holding development determination driven by innovation and intention of building future.
       The conference lasted for two days into a good end.