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Chief Economist of Sinolight Group, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Haisum Corporation, Zhao Guoang Visited GDE with His Team for Investigation Edit Date:2020/11/25

       From 18th to 20th Nov, Chief Economist of Sinolight Group, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Haisum Corporation, Zhao Guoang Visited GDE with His Team to investigate the operation of GDE with new leader team. Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and CEO of Haisum Corporation, Chen Rongrong, Secretary of the Board, CFO of Haisum Corporation and Chairman of GDE, Lin Lin and Director of Party Committee Operation and CEO Office Director, Ma Lan participated this activity.
       Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager of GDE, Luo Jun reported in detail about working distribution, operation, implementation of critical EPC projects, safety operation, human resources and technical innovation to Zhao Guoang’s leadership team. He also emphatically reported the working idea for GDE in 2021: one center of “Carrying out leaping development of GDE” and two fundamentals of “insisting six principles” and “insisting revolution and innovation”. Eventually, he, behalf of GDE leadership team, declared to carry out leaping development of GDE with innovation under leadership of the Group.
       Having heard the report, leaders of the Group presented their requirement and hope regarding revolution and development of GDE and construction of leading team.
       Lin Lin raised the hope in aspect of further building of regulation and rules, active thinking, research of market focus and strengthening systematic construction.
       Chen Rongrong presented his requirement and suggestion to GDE from the perspective of creating value for customer, resolving issues for society and seeking benefits for staff. He mentioned: 1. Via innovation and integration, environmental and other leading industries need to be consolidated and promoted and proper subtraction to be done from demand of customer; 2. Via procedure integration, operation efficiency needs to be improved and cost of communication to be reduced; 3. Traditional industries should be revived and EPC business to be strengthened; 4. Detailing quality standard, repairing weakness and developing environmental industry.
       Zhao Guoang affirmed the operation achievement from the foundation of GDE new leading team and presented requirements in detail for the future development: 1. Under the guide of 14th 5-year strategy of the Group, detail market research should be done and direction and path of development of GDE should be defined; 2. Development key point should be defined to optimize structure and resource distribution accordingly; 3. Compound innovation should be promoted to build up “Product business”, “Mixed revolution of state-owned company” and “Capital operation” 3 in 1 innovation system; 4. System for exploring integral skilled talents should be built to guiding talents to developing in “π” path instead of “T” path.
       He emphasized that in a future period, in almost all industries, leading companies would be more stronger as middle ones were fighting with each others and the tail ones would be knocked out forcedly. No matter personally or in the view of enterprise, working and life should be reformed via transformative thinking to make “useless” past become a new strength, to be open minded, to catch opportunities to carry out leaping development and to be unbeatable as the result.
       During the investigation, the delegation of Zhao Guoang visited Guangzhou Huanfu Shan Environment and Energy Co., Ltd Waste to Energy project and Langkun Environment Group Biomass Comprehensive Treatment Plant Project on site and participated the communication meeting regarding BIM technology and EPC project management between GDE and China CEC Engineering Corporation in full time.