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2020 Sinolight Group Staff Table Tennis Tournament Organized by GDE Has Been Accomplished. Edit Date:2020/10/30

       Better life with table tennis! From 25th to 26th Oct, 2020 Sinolight Group Staff Table Tennis Tournament was held in Guangzhou Sports Center. This event was sponsored by labor union and CCYL committee of Sinolight Group and organized by labor union and CCYL committee of Haisum GDE. Leaders of Group participated in full process of the event. Chief engineer, Employee director, Chairman of union of Sinolight, Ma Siyi made the opening speech and CEO of Haisum, Chen Rongrong made the welcome speech. Both of them did the startup ceremony for the tournament. Over 100 players from Sinolight Group and its 9 subsidiaries took part in the event with 10 teams.

       During the games, players put in their passionate and unconquerable will. The matches were full of highlights and excitement. Smashing, forehand and backhand strike and etc. were performed by the skilled players. The audiences were cheering with yelling as one falls another rises.

       Top three have been concluded after 2-day furious competition:

 Group tournament

 Champion: Haisum 1 team

 The second: Food institute team

 The third: Sinolight team

 Men’s singles

 (Sun Xuelei- Haisum 1 team, Dai Lin- Haisum 2 tea, Yu Liang- Sinolight team)

 Women’s singles

 (Luo Anlai-Food Institute team, Ye Zixin- Haisum 2 team, Ding Lirong- Consumer chemical institute team)

 Men’s doubles

 (Chen Rongrong/ Yu Xu- Haisum 1 team, Jiang Chao/Wang Sheng, Haisum 2 team, Guo Ping/Le Jingming- Papermill institute team)

 Women’s doubles

 (Zheng Meiqin/ Lai Qiuxia- Haisum 1 team, Li Huiying/Zhao Ye- Haisum 2 team, Luo Anlai/Cao Yanhua- Food Institute team)

 Mixed doubles

 (Wang Tao/Zhao Chen- Haisum 1 team, Dai Lin/Li Huiying- Haisum 2 team, Li Hui/Wang Dong- Sinolight team)

 Executives Friendship

 (Chen Rongrong, CEO of Haisum; Li Yimin, Deputy secretary of Haisum Party Committee and Secretary of Haisum Discipline Committee; Xu Lin, Secretary of GDE Discipline Committee)

       On the closing ceremony, GDE General manager, Luo Jun made the send-off speech and Ma Si Yi made the closing speech as he hoped the players could use the spirit of “unity, mutual help, competition and aggressive” during the game into the future work and life.
       This event has been great supported by leaders at levels as they brought the athletes confidence and let us feel happy and experience the charm of sport and inspired staff the will of hardworking.