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Achieve great achievements| GDE completes important milestones in multiple projects Edit Date:2023/06/07

       Recently, multiple waste incineration power generation EPC projects undertaken by GDE have completed important milestones, adding new momentum to urban economic development.

 Successful grid connection of Kashi City Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation EPC Project

       At 23:58 on April 15, 2023, GDE successfully completed the grid connection of the Kashi City Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation EPC project, and all parameters of the system equipment is well.

       Since the start of construction in September 2021, the project team has scientifically planned the construction period and reasonably organized the allocation of on-site resources. On the premise of ensuring safety in production, we overcame many adverse factors and difficulties such as the COVID-19 epidemic, high temperature weather and remote areas. The project has achieved a series of important milestones such as boiler water pressure test, reverse power transmission, furnace drying and boiling, pipe blowing, and grid connected power generation, laying a solid foundation for successfully pass the 72+24 hour trial operation.

       GDE received a letter of thanks from the Owner, who expressed gratitude for GDE’s scientific organization, overcoming difficulties, and high-quality performance during the project construction period.

       On the eve of the grid connection, the Owner and GDE’s project team planted a “friendship tree” in the plant, recording a deep friendship.

 Successful boiler blowing pipe of Dingxi City Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation EPC Project

       Recently, the boiler pipe blowing of the Dingxi City Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation EPC Project undertaken by GDE has been successfully completed, marking that the boiler has met the operating conditions and provides strong support for subsequent grid connected power generation.

       This pipe blowing started at 1:30 on April 13, and a trial blowing was conducted from 9:30 on April 13 to 15:28 on April 15. A total of 93 pipe blowing sessions were conducted to thoroughly remove rust, welding slag, oxide skin, and other debris inside the equipment during the manufacturing, transportation, and installation processes of the system pipeline. After verification and acceptance by personnel from all parties, the main indicators such as particle size and number of impact marks are superior to the target value. The completion of boiler pipe blowing is a major milestone in boiler installation and a hot state inspection of the installation quality of the boiler system. The successful completion of this pipe blowing work marks the beginning of the sprint phase of the unit’s production and power generation.