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Promote green and low carbondevelopment丨GDE won the bid for Fangshan District Biomass Resource Regeneration Center Project Edit Date:2023/12/08

       Recently, GDE won the bid for the Fangshan District Biomass Resource Recycling Center project (preliminary design, construction drawing design), which is another important project for us to deeply cultivate and continuously innovate in the field of kitchen and kitchen waste.

       The project is located in dongnanzhao village, Liulihe Town, Fangshan District, Beijing. The construction content includes comprehensive pretreatment workshop, sewage treatment workshop, anaerobic tank farm, biogas residue workshop, resource recovery workshop, comprehensive building, etc., with a total design capacity of 750 tons/day, including 200 tons of food waste/day, 300 tons of kitchen waste/day, 50 tons of waste oil/day, and 200 tons of fecal pollution/day. The project adopts the process routing of “organic waste pretreatment+multi material joint Anaerobic+biogas utilization+waste oil purification”, which can effectively separate and treat organic waste, build a complete waste comprehensive treatment system suitable for domestic waste classification, and realize resource utilization, harmless treatment, and reduction of organic waste treatment, which is of great significance to the environmental health undertakings in Fangshan District and Beijing.

       Since the transformation of the development model in 1992, GDE has gone beyond the light industry to enter the field of environmental protection engineering with technologies derived from light industry. So far, it has been working in the field of environmental protection for more than 30 years, and has established a technical team led by survey and design masters, professor level senior engineers and doctors in the light industry. The project covers more than 20 environmental energy fields, including domestic waste incineration and power generation, food waste treatment, hazardous waste treatment, leachate and sewage treatment, renewable resources treatment, landfill sites, photovoltaic power generation, lithium batteries, etc, We continue to explore the optimal solution for green low-carbon cycle and high-quality development in various industries, and our performance has spread all over the world. In the future, based on the new stage of transformation, GDE will continue to make efforts in various fields, be the “main force” of green development, and use the positive design advantages of digital BIM to create quality benchmark projects, create more green economic benefits, and boost the construction of ecological civilization.