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Special Training Lecture by Youth League Committee of Company Edit Date:2011/04/18

April 15, Youth League Committee of Company invited Manager Li from Technical Quality Department and Mr. Feng from the 3rd design department to give a special training lecture. The lecture was the second part activity celebrating the May-Forth Movement, aiming at encouraging the young staff to have more communications on the improvement of ISO management system and the reinforcement of project management. The company leaders gave their substantial support that they also attended the lecture to encourage the young staff to communicate more with the experienced staff and work hard to achieve self-improvement.

Manager Li started with the background and meaning of the establishment of ISO, which made the young staff completely and clearly understand the ISO system. Then Mr. Li came to the ISO establishment and implement in the company and in the inland, and his detailed explanation made the young staff realize that the ISO establishment and implement was closely related with them and they needed to implement the system in their work.

Mr. Feng started with the feasibility study planning on project management, then preliminary Design, construction drawing design, construction drawing review and final acceptance. During his lecture, he also told the young staff his knowledge and experience on project management and interpersonal communication, and the atmosphere was very active.

The young staff learned a lot from this lecture, and after the lecture they said they expected more such kind of lectures in future.