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Our company League members experienced the military camp life Edit Date:2011/04/06

On the afternoon of 2nd, April, more than 60 League members went to a military camp in Guangzhou, starting to experience their one-day military camp life.

First of all, the company commander introduced how to use 95 type automatic rifles right after our arrival at the camp; then we were divided into five groups to have a rangerpractice. I was very excited because it was the first time I held a gun. The sound of guns was haunted around me, just like fireworks were set off nearby me. After everyone’s shooting, I took a look at the scores. Some of my colleagues had a good shoot that they got 48 rings, which put me to shame that I did not held the gun in the right way.

Visiting soldiers’ dormitory was the next segment. Although their dormitories were tousy, they kept them clean and tidy. The quilts they had folded were as smooth as a piece of beancurd and the living goods were never disordered. This good habit must be developed with the strict discipline. In the following push-and pull, they had far more strength than us. The most significant was their solidarity, which made them so strong that we could not fight against them. Then we had other wonderful games, such as the long jump and basketball game. I admired their excellent physical quality and I wanted to be like them. So I decided to exercise more and keep going. At night, we had dinner together and had all kinds of entertainments, including singing songs about red army together. The most interesting one was antiphonal singing. The soldiers all had good voices and they sang one song after another. But we were not weaker than any of them in singing and Mr. Wei, dean from the 4th department, sang a song of Returns from the Shooting Practice, winning bursts of applause.

When our one-day camp life came to the end, I had learned more about camp life and had strengthened my consciousness on discipline, responsibility and collaboration. What’s more, I made friends with the soldiers. Although they had a simple and boring life, they had their own entertainments. Most of them left their hometown for the country. Uniforms they wore were very nice, but they also meant responsibility to defend the motherland and serve the people. Their skins were dark and coarse because of their daily hard training. They had high strength training everyday to come forward when the country and the people needed them. When disasters happened, they were always the first ones to step forward. They deserved our complete respect. Comrades, fighting!