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Harvest full from overseas丨GDE Successfully Signed the Consultancy and Equipment Supply Agreement for the Factory Expansion with New Production Line Project In Galoya Plantations Sri Lanka Edit Date:2023/08/10

       On June 16th, a signing ceremony was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka for signing the Consultancy and Equipment Supply Agreement for the Factory Expansion with New Production Line Project In Galoya Plantations Sri Lanka. Galoya Plantations(pvt) limited (hereinafter referred to as “Galoya”), China National Aero-Technology International Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AVIC”) and China GDE Engineering Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GDE”) signed the Agreement.

       Luo Jun- the chairman of GDE, Huang Meng- the General Manager of AVIC Sri Lanka Branch, Ishara Nanayakkara- the president of LOLC Group, Kithsiri Gunwardena- Chairman of Galoya and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

       Galoya is currently the best operating sugar factory in Sri Lanka. After the successful completion of this expansion project, it can further increase its production capacity, reduce water and electricity consumption per unit of production capacity, as well as greatly improve the economic benefits of the sugar factory and reduce Sri Lanka’s sugar imports, which is of great significance for the economic development of Sri Lanka.

       At the signing ceremony, Ishara Nanayakkara fully affirmed GDE’s deep technical foundation, innovative pioneering consciousness, high-quality service level and lean management in the sugar industry. He also expressed high expectations for the high-quality promotion of project construction in the future. He hoped that this cooperation can serve as an opportunity to continuously enhance the level of cooperation, expand cooperation areas and achieve mutually beneficial and win-win situation and common development.

       Luo Jun expressed sincere gratitude for the trust and recognition from Galoya and LOLC Group. He stated that as a sugar and alcohol design institute directly under the former Ministry of Light Industry of China, GDE has a long history and profound foundation in the sugar industry. GDE has presided over the first batch of domestic and foreign aid sugar factories designed, manufactured, and installed independently in China, as well as participated in the construction of most sugar factories after the establishment of The People’s Republic of China. GDE has witnessed the beginning and development of China’s sugar industry, ultimately leading to glory. We GDE has the confidence and strength to provide Galoya with the most professional and comprehensive services. At the same time, Sri Lanka is an important strategic fulcrum of China’s “the Belt and Road” policy, and also one of the most important countries for GDE to lay out its overseas market. Galoya and AVIC is the most important strategic partners for GDE to explore the Sri Lankan market, GDE hoped to further deepen cooperation through this cooperation, relying on their own resources and technical advantages to achieve more iconic results through cooperation in multiple fields.

       During the visit to Sri Lanka, Luo Jun led the team members to visit Li Guangjun, the Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, and signed a Cooperation Agreement with AVIC of the Galoya Sugar Factory project in Sri Lanka. The GDE team also conducted a design follow-up visit to the previously designed project-Colombo WPC waste power generation project in Sri Lanka.

 Luo Jun and Li Guangjun(Business Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka) took a group photo as a souvenir

 Luo Jun signed a Cooperation Agreement with AVIC

       In recent years, GDE has persisted in going global and has always been committed to exploring the overseas market. During the epidemic of Covid-19, GDE has strengthened its overseas business development plan in terms of market, talent, technology, management, and systems, which comprehensively improving its international business capabilities and making sufficient preparations for going global. With the subsequent adjustment of epidemic control policies, GDE overseas business team bravely went against the trend and embarked on a new journey of overseas exploration. They have conducted multiple overseas inspections to grasp first-hand project information and actively expanded local resources and networks. Ultimately, they have accumulated rich experience and achieved fruitful results in overseas projects!