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Contribution to the Realization of the “Dual Carbon” Goal丨GDE has been awarded a comprehensive capability 3A level of low-carbon service companies and the qualification of Carbon Label Authorization E Edit Date:2023/08/24

       Recently, The Low-carbon economy committee of China Electronic Energy-saving Technology Association announced the list of comprehensive capability level evaluation for low-carbon service companies in the second quarter of 2023 and the list of the 11th batch of carbon label authorization evaluation institutions, GDE has been rated as a “Low Carbon Service Company with Comprehensive Capability AAA (Industrial Field)” and has been awarded the qualification of “Carbon Label Authorization Evaluation Institution”, indicating that GDE has the ability and qualification to provide carbon label evaluation and certification services to social enterprises recognized by authoritative institutions.

       It is reported that the “carbon label” serves as an information marker that quantifies the carbon footprint of product or service by using a quantitative index, This is not only a policy and method, but also an environmental management tool, and more importantly, a way to encourage consumers and producers to support and protect the environment. Under the trend of global green development, the carbon labeling system is gradually becoming a green passport for low-carbon economic development certification and global trade. The certification of the carbon label authorization evaluation institution is jointly carried out by The Low-carbon economy committee of China Electronic Energy-saving Technology Association and China Carbon label Industry Innovation Alliance, aiming to promote the systematic construction of carbon labels and strengthen the international recognition and weighting of carbon labels in China, as well as accelerate the market-oriented promotion of carbon label evaluation.

       Next, GDE will provide carbon label evaluation services to enterprises to help them understand the current carbon emissions of their products, accurately guide in improving their carbon footprint throughout the entire production lifecycle and applying for carbon labels, At the same time, GDE can assist enterprises to create a systematic and comprehensive green and low-carbon competitive advantage, and assist them in accelerating green transformation and achieving sustainable development.