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A solid waste treatment project of GDE was awarded Title of “Excellent Demonstration Project for Ecological Environmental Protection in Guangdong Province” in 2022 Edit Date:2023/10/11

       Recently, the kitchen waste and perishable organic waste treatment plant project of the solid waste comprehensive treatment center in Conghua District designed by GDE was awarded the title of “Excellent Demonstration Project for Ecological Environmental Protection in Guangdong Province” in 2022. This project is a key construction project in Guangzhou in 2020. It will be officially put into operation in November 2021 and pass the joint completion acceptance in July 2023.

       The project is located in Conghua Aotou Circular Economy Industrial Park, with a kitchen waste processing capacity of 100 tons per day and an annual biogas output of approximately 2.92 million cubic meters. The project uses biogas direct combustion technology to facilitate low-nitrogen combustion in the incinerator, thereby reducing nitrogen oxide emission levels and improving power generation efficiency. According to estimates, after the biogas generated by the project is fed into the resource thermal power plant, it can increase the annual power generation by approximately 2.92 million kilowatt hours. Compared with the same amount of electricity produced by coal-fired power plants, it can reduce carbon emissions by approximately 2,873 tons per year; At the same time, the crude oil extracted from kitchen waste can be sold to downstream production companies to produce biodiesel, which has good ecological and economic benefits. In terms of project construction, the production workshop is sealed with a concrete frame structure according to the characteristics of food waste. At the same time, an exhaust pipe is set up to collect odor. Two sets of high and low concentration odor collection and treatment systems are set up according to the concentration of odor in different areas. In this way, its deodorizing effect is remarkable. The project also gives full play to the collaborative processing advantages of the Circular Economy Industrial Park. The separated impurities are sent to the resource thermal power plant in the park for incineration treatment. The steam and electricity generated by the incineration can be used in the process of this project. The generated wastewater is treated to meet industrial reuse water standards and used as water replenishment for cooling towers of resource thermal power plants.

       This honor is another recognition of GDE’s capabilities in the field of environmental protection and solid waste, and also fully reflects our persistence and strength in achieving the "double carbon" goal and “waste-free city”. GDE will continue to enhance our independent innovation capabilities, improve our refined management level, create high-quality benchmark projects, and Contribute to achieving high-quality development through green circulation.