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GDE’s EPC project of Waste to energy power plant in Changji City’s first truckload of garbage enters the pond Edit Date:2023/10/11

       Recently, The First vehicle garbage entry ceremony of the Changji City Waste to energy power plant EPC project which was constructed by GDE was held, and successfully completed the first truckload of garbage enters the pond , laying a solid foundation for the formal operation in the next stage.

       This project is a key livelihood project at the provincial and municipal levels, covering an area of 58543.68m2, with a daily waste processing capacity of 1200 tons/day. It will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of the project is designed to configure a 600t/d waste incineration line and a a 12MW condensing steam turbine and a 15MW generator set, Meanwhile, the second phase construction site is reserved. The main plant of the project adopts an integrated layout, and the flue gas purification system adopts the “SNCR (urea solution spraying in the furnace) + dry deacidification + semi-dry deacidification + activated carbon injection + bag dust collector”flue gas purification treatment process, and strictly implement zero discharge standards for sewage and wastewater. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will realize the harmlessness, resource utilization and reduce of garbage while taking into account economic benefits, which is of great significance to enhancing the overall image of Changji City and improving the comprehensive regional environment.