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Leaders from Poly Sinolight and China Haisum Visited GDE to Conduct Research and Guide Science and Technology Innovation Work Edit Date:2023/11/09

       On November 3rd, leaders of Poly Sinolight and China Haisum visited GDE to conduct research and guide scientific and technological innovation work. Cai Muyi, Chief Scientist and Honorary Director of the Science and Technology Commission of Poly Sinolight, and relevant leaders of the Science and Technology Management and Industry Promotion Center, as well as Zhou Yuan, Vice President and Technical Director of China Haisum, and relevant leaders of the Technology Research and Development Center, visited GDE to conduct research and guide scientific and technological innovation work. Luo Jun ,Party Secretary and Chairman of GDE, Li Zhenzhou, General Manager of GDE, Li Fang ,Vice General Manager and Chief Engineer of GDE and relevant department leaders participated in the meeting.

       At the symposium, Luo Jun focused on the analysis of GDE’s forward-looking strategic emerging industries, development ideas and goals, and implementation measures. He mainly introduced GDE’s own technological background, target market, product application scenarios, and development direction in the energy-saving and environmental protection industry, new energy industry, new materials industry, digital creative industry, and biological industry. He clearly insisted on placing scientific and technological innovation in the important position of the “top project”, And relying on digital transformation, continuously enhancing our core competitiveness.

       GDE’s Science and Technology Innovation Center and New Energy& Chemical Dept respectively reported on the status of 7 pre declared projects of the Sinolight’s Science and Technology Innovation Fund, the progress of the research project on the recycling technology of waste lithium-ion batteries, and the project status of the Tianjin Changlu Haijing Synthetic Biology Pilot Base.

       The attending leaders made comments and exchanges on the direction, market value, market maturity, basic work already carried out, achievement protection and transformation of the project, and proposed the following guiding opinions and suggestions:

       Firstly, utilizing the resources and advantages of existing provincial-level innovation platforms in the food industry, strengthening cooperative research and development, coordinating project layout, and making good use of internal and external resources. Secondly, starting from solving practical problems, we should innovate and integrate in traditional advantageous industries, think more and participate strongly in forward-looking emerging industries, especially strengthen the research and development of lithium batteries, and protect intellectual property rights. Third, we should use our core technology advantages to help expand overseas markets, and further explore ways and means to develop the “the Belt and Road” countries. Fourthly, we need to strengthen the research, implementation, and application of relevant policies, and utilize technological innovation to create more value for enterprises.