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GDE signs a strategic cooperation agreement with CNCEC Ecological Environment Co.,Ltd. Edit Date:2023/11/09

       Recently, the first industrial wastewater treatment symposium hosted by CNCEC Ecological Environment Co.,Ltd.was held in Beijing. The theme of this symposium is “Transforming water as the source, connecting with the chain, facing the future, and working together for win-win cooperation “. It brings together senior management personnel from 22 well-known domestic water treatment enterprises and experts and scholars in the field of water treatment to jointly explore the opportunities and challenges of the industrial water industry in the new era and situation. Zhu Cheng, Deputy General Manager, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Legal Advisor of GDE, was invited to participate in the event and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

       At the symposium, the Market development Department of GDE shared experiences and excellent practices in corporate governance, technology research and development, and construction operations. Attending entrepreneurs and experts and scholars held heated discussions around industry pain points, development prospects, implementation paths, supplementary industry cycle and strengthen industry chain, and win-win sharing, and reached important consensus on industry development trends.

       After the meeting, Zhu Cheng, on behalf of GDE, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CNCEC Ecological Environment Co.,Ltd., hoping to focus on key technical fields in the industrial wastewater industry in the future, empower both sides, work together for a shared future, and play a demonstration and driving role, contributing to China’s accelerated formation of a new pattern of efficient industrial water recycling, and making green a bright background for high-quality development.

       CNCEC Ecological Environment Co.,Ltd. focuses on the core strategy of “green environmental protection” and is a comprehensive service provider specializing in multiple ecological and environmental protection fields such as comprehensive water environment management, water conservancy engineering, industrial wastewater, landscape ecology, Yangtze/Yellow River protection, land space ecological restoration, solid waste and hazardous waste treatment.