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Quality performance ,Striving for perfection丨Launching grid connection ceremony of the EPC project for household waste incineration power generation in Changji City undertaken by GDE Edit Date:2023/10/27

       Recently, the grid connection ceremony of the Changji Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Generation EPC Project undertaken by GDE was grandly held, marking that the project has met the conditions for starting production and trial operation. Li Changjiang, member of the Changji State Party Committee Standing Committee and Secretary of the Changji City Party Committee, Li Wu, Vice Chairman of the Changji State Political Consultative Conference, Ma Changjiang, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of the Changji City Party Committee, Yan Liang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Changji Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor, Huang Xinmin, General Manager of City Development Environment CO.,Ltd., Li Jun, Deputy General Manager of City Development Environment CO.,Ltd., Party Secretary and Chairman of Henan Urban Development Environmental Protection ENERGY Co., Ltd., Li Zhenzhou, General Manager of GDE, and Li Fang, Deputy General Manager of GDE,with another relevant leaders of the Number II Division Environmental Protection and Energy ,and the leaders of the construction agency attended the grid connection initiation ceremony.

       The Changji Municipal Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Project is a key livelihood project at the provincial and municipal levels, covering an area of 58543.68 square meters. The treatment capacity is 1200 tons of garbage per day, and it is constructed in two phases. The first phase of the project is designed with one 600t/d waste incineration line, one 12MW condensing steam turbine, and a 15MW generator set, with a reserved construction site for the second phase. As the general contractor of the project, We officially started construction on May 8, 2022, During the construction period ,we have completed multiple construction milestones in advance and met the conditions for grid connection operation 45 days ahead of schedule by leveraging our strong technical and management advantages. After production, which can assist Changji City and surrounding cities and counties in achieving harmless, reduced, and resourceful utilization of household waste, creating a better living environment after the project being put into operation.

       After the ceremony, Li Zhenzhou led a team to visit the central control room of the project on site to gain a detailed information of the operation of each processing unit, and emphasized the need to take this grid connection ceremony as an opportunity to continue to do a good job in eliminating project deficiencies and strive for perfection to provide satisfactory answers to the people of Changji City, in order to repay the care and help of leaders at all levels of Changji City with excellent results, To provide better environmental protection services for the Changji Municipal Government and the general population, and contribute to the development of green and low-carbon industries.