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The 72+24 hour trial operation of the EPC project for domestic waste incineration power generation in Changji City was successfully completed Edit Date:2023/11/09

       On October 30, 2023 at 11:19, the Changji domestic waste incineration power generation Project successfully completed a 72+24 hour full load trial run. During the trial operation, the equipment ran smoothly and the parameters of the electrical, thermal control, leachate, flue gas treatment and other systems were normal,which meeting the design indicators and laying a solid foundation for put the project into commercial operation formally.

 The initial construction phase

 Mid construction period

 The realistic picture of the current situation of Changji project

       This project is a key livelihood project at the provincial and municipal levels, covering an area of 58543.68 square meters. The treatment capacity is 1200 tons of waste per day, and it is constructed in two phases. The first phase of the project is designed to be equipped with one 600t/d garbage incineration line, one 12MW condensing steam turbine, and a 15MW generator unit, with a reserved construction site for the second phase.

       As the general contractor of this project, we leverage our technical and management advantages to actively organize cooperation partner to invest resources, lean management, and improve efficiency. It has successfully achieved multiple milestones such as boiler water pressure, powering on the auxiliary power system, boiler ignition and blowing, steam turbine impulse starting, unit grid connection, and 72+24 hours of full load trial operation of the unit, achieving a record of “one-time success”. The project was completed 53 days ahead of the agreed time limit in the contract. After the project is successfully put into operation, it can handle 219000 tons of waste annually and generate approximately 74 million kWh of online electricity. This will help Changji City and surrounding cities and counties achieve harmless, reduced, and resourceful utilization of domestic waste, and create a better living environment.

       GDE focuses on green and low-carbon energy, and has been deeply involved in the field of waste incineration power generation for more than 30 years. We have formed a technical team led by survey and design masters, professor level senior engineers, and doctoral in the light industry. Our performance covers domestic and foreign markets and with over 400 projects, Among them, we have achieved numerous cutting-edge technological achievements, including the world’s first 5000 ton waste power plant, the world’s largest waste power plant, and the world’s highest parameter waste power generation project. In the future, GDE will continue to create high-quality projects for household waste incineration and power generation, continuously creating urban “green lungs”, optimizing and improving the urban living and ecological environment, and assisting in the construction of a beautiful ecological economy in China.