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Triumphant news keeps pouring in丨GDE has won multiple bids in the field of environmental protection Edit Date:2023/08/10

       GDE has always focused on environmental technology innovation. Recently, with its leading technology in domestic and international environmental solid waste treatment, as well as advantages such as intelligent construction, lean management, and excellent service, GDE has won multiple projects in the field of environmental protection, providing customers with digital, intelligent, and waste free solutions, and continuously contributing wisdom and strength to achieving the “dual carbon” goal.

 Yueyang City Domestic Waste Incineration Power Plant Expansion Project

       The project is located in Yunxi District, Yueyang City, Hunan Province. The construction content is to build one 800t/d mechanical grate incinerator and one 20MW steam turbine generator unit in the reserved land for the expansion project.

       It mainly includes the civil engineering and equipment installation engineering of expanding the main factory building, expanding the steam turbine room, stabilizing the fly ash temporary storage warehouse, and cooling tower. The project is a key project of Yueyang City, a major project assigned by the Central Environmental Protection Supervision, and a practical livelihood project to improve the quality of life. After the completion of the project, it will solve the contradiction between Yueyang’s growing demand for garbage treatment and the existing insufficient treatment capacity, It also can effectively reduce the weight and volume of garbage, helping to improve the ecological environment of Yueyang City.

 Unit Heating Technology Renovation Research Project ofFuyang Waneng Environmental Power Co. , Ltd.

       The project is located in Fuyang City, and the construction contents include heating system, chemical water system, industrial water system, closed water system transformation, etc. The Owner is our core customer and this project is the second cooperation between the Wanneng and GDE after the second phase of Fuyang Incineration Power Generation Project. The project is another successful practice that GDE have won the trust of our customers with good service quality. After the completion of the project, it will not only improve the infrastructure of the industrial park in Yingdong District, but also be another major measure for the sustainable economic development of Yingdong District, which playing an important role in further accelerating the development of circular economy.

 Dongguan Liaobu Town Domestic Waste Comprehensive Treatment Center Project

       The project is located in Liaobu town, Dongguan City. The construction content includes the construction of a new domestic waste comprehensive treatment center, and the transformation and upgrading of 36 existing garbage collection stations in Liaobu. The project is GDE’s active exploration and practice in the field of domestic waste transportation after deeply cultivating the waste incineration power generation industry. After the completion of the project, the garbage collection and transportation mode in Liaobu will be improved to solve the secondary pollution problem in the garbage collection and transportation process, so as to improve the efficiency of garbage collection and transportation, and accelerate the reduction, harmless and recycling of garbage.