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Consecutive winning bids丨GDE has made new achievements in the field of environmental protection Edit Date:2023/08/24

       Autumn is a bumper harvest season. Recently, GDE won many bids in the fields of waste incineration power generation, comprehensive landfill and solid waste landfill, demonstrating our strong strength in the engineering field of environmental protection industry.

 Xinxing County circular economy environmental protection project(EPC)

       The project is located in the Shantang industrial zone of Yunfu forest farm, Guangdong Province. The main construction contents include a waste incineration power plant (with a treatment capacity of 500t/d), a leachate treatment facility (with a treatment capacity of 150m3/d), a fly ash landfill, office management room, production auxiliary room, as well as various supporting facilities, such as roads, greening, power transmission, power consumption in the plant, water supply and drainage facilities, etc. After the completion of the project, it can handle 500 tons of garbage per day and 182500 tons of garbage per year, meeting the actual needs of harmless treatment of domestic garbage in Xinxing County.

 Longmen County Resource thermal power plant supporting comprehensive landfill reconstruction project

       The project plans to carry out comprehensive reconstruction on the basis of sanitary landfill for the disposal of chelated solidified substances produced by the incineration power plant. The southern half of the existing landfill site (about 50 mu) of Longmen County Environmental Health Affairs Center will be transformed into a special area of chelated solidified substances landfill site. The reservoir area of chelated solidified substances landfill site is 25764.00m2, and the design storage capacity is 314600 m3, which can meet the chelated solidified substances landfill demand of the incineration power plant(phase I) in the next 28 years. After the completion of the project, the short board of incineration solidified substance disposal facilities has been supplemented, and the problem of “the last kilometer” of incineration fly ash disposal has been effectively solved, which is conducive to the long-term stable operation of the waste incineration power plant.

 Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Xintian Coal Chemical Co. , Ltd. General solid waste landfill phase II project (survey, design and special articles compilation services)

       The total storage capacity of the landfill project is about 1868900 M ³, As the supporting ash disposal site of Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Xintian Coal Chemical Co. , Ltd , which annual output of ash is about 650000 tons, mainly from the ash generated by coal gasification plants and thermoelectric boilers. The project is for the construction of general solid waste landfill, put an end to environmental pollution caused by solid wastes through final disposal of solid wastes, which not only creates conditions for the survival and development of the enterprise, but also contributes to the protection of the ecological environment and the realization of green development, It is an important guarantee for Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Xintian Coal Chemical Co. , Ltd to achieve sustainable development.